Maize Dryer

– Circulating Dryers; Special designed for drying maize.
– Provide even and speedy drying. Producing high quality maize.
– Big combustion burner, stainless steel combustion chamber, high efficiency air fan, all open drying bin. Speedy drying and high efficiency.
– Ensure maize circulate evenly and make even drying possible.
– Professional use Maize dryers which are designed especially for quality maize. Bring you the highest profit and income.

SUNCUE circulating type maize dryers are embedded with a CS – R computerized moisture meter to ensure precise moisture control. It helps to prevent maize from being over dry or under dry. Keep good maize quality. No weight loss and no waste of fuel, electricity, and drying time.

Multiple fuel selection available: kerosene/premium diesel, gas, and biomass type.

User friendly design. No professional operator is required. One person can handle thousands of tons of maize every day.